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  • Rana singh
    Rana singh

    Zindgi me ek tree laga nhi hoga n nukasan teko gaadi ki padi hai n one thing bro its pandemic....not a normal day to take a night drive.

  • Chiranjib Roy
    Chiranjib Roy

    Nikhil 1 number Matlabi Buddha hai..

  • Vishal Kadam
    Vishal Kadam

    Fro..... Professional motovloger.... To professional... Ch... Ya Iss insan ne bass paise wale lpgo ko respect di hai.... Maine last 3 years me observe kiya hai..... Sab log chodke chale gye isee.... Sabka waqt ata hai.... Iss insan ko bhagwan rasta dikhayegaa....nikhil ko bhi


    Mast life hai bhai...paise kaha se aate hai

  • Marshal Pegu
    Marshal Pegu

    Upar jyada hawa aahta he nikhil bhai as compare to floors below. @mumbiker nikhil.

  • rohan desai
    rohan desai

    @Nikhil. Replace the sliding windows with airtight and waterproof French windows.

  • Snehal Jan
    Snehal Jan

    Sir u r so smart y u don’t do something for ur under eye darkness

  • Taniya Mumtaz
    Taniya Mumtaz

    Yr barishen dekhaye rho bss

  • Arun Chauhan
    Arun Chauhan

    Lakhs of People come and watch window open window closed. Humans are stupids......😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ma

    We love your vlogs👍

  • Tabrej Khan
    Tabrej Khan

    Itna badi or mahngi society or covered parking bhi nahi hai?

  • Priyam Nandi
    Priyam Nandi

    someone's pain is someone's bliss

  • Stoned 2Core
    Stoned 2Core

    Not just the lockdown or cyclone , this reckless so called vlogger is setting such a stupid example in front of his follower most of which are teenager .

  • Maa Ki
    Maa Ki

    Do people need wooden floors in Mumbai which has hot and humid climate most of the year. Lets screw Environment and Nature where ever we can.

  • Aaron Dsouza
    Aaron Dsouza

    I remember when i was young I and my cousins we used to play football in the mud and heavy rains. Wow when it rains I am always at the window drinking coffee with the window open taking in the scene. And I remember the those childhood memories

  • Aaron Dsouza
    Aaron Dsouza

    Wow yar nice view yull got. Rainy season is one of my favorite seasons. Really that cyclone allowed us to get a glimpse of the real rainy season in Mumbai in may.

  • Homo sapien sapien
    Homo sapien sapien

    10:48 acha hua hum ghar ke bahar nahi gaye.....!!!😂😂? I didn't understand this?!

  • Shyam Mishra
    Shyam Mishra

    Still miss your initial travel vlogs. Ap bhi ab celebrity ho gaye.

  • pratik

    Pani nikal be kya vlog kar raha 🐂 bail

  • Mohith Sharma
    Mohith Sharma

    Age ke saath aur bewakoof hote jaa raha hai ye.

  • malvika gohil
    malvika gohil

    It's not about you getting outside and having fun. People aren't angry on that. The actual thing is everybody wants to live a normal life .. People are tired now. From loosing job to loosing favourite person and still there is no end. You are a daily vlogger ... So, your job is from home. From starting only. You earn from what you do 24×7 Everybody on Earth isn't able to earn like that. So may be in this situation you would have phase 30 40% loss in your income But some family have loss everything. And thus it's our social responsibility to work unanimously... and try to control the situation as early as possible. *You want to go out and just roam. 1000's of people (who follows you) will want to do the same and 500 of them will end up having some nasta or shopping. And will create crowd* Which breaks the rules.

  • MAHESH 57
    MAHESH 57

    Ha to tu aur wo teri biwi dono bait ke saf karo. Chapri

  • Soham Bhangale
    Soham Bhangale

    This remained me of the Pre-Soviet Russian Noble classes ,"While people starved they did wine parties with the French." We don't need GINI index to represent inequality in this country ,This video would do 20% job.

  • shweta singh
    shweta singh

    Wow baarish...

  • Jameel Laghari
    Jameel Laghari

    I love your house sir love from PAKISTAN ❤

  • Jameel Laghari
    Jameel Laghari

    That time lapse at (3:35) 😂😂

  • J Tuber
    J Tuber

    At that time when you were driving i was near you . I missed ..😭💕

  • Alok Mahanta
    Alok Mahanta

    Nehi toh aur kuch aata h kya😂

  • Psycho _mrs
    Psycho _mrs

    Nikhil bhai in one of your Interview I saw you saying you make 25L a month. Great. Wish you more success. But please see in your surroundings. See Wasim's Vlog. Money will be of no use if it isn't helpful to the people around you. Please do something

  • Grid Gaming
    Grid Gaming

    He lives in Hiranandani gardens

  • Atish Chaudhari
    Atish Chaudhari

    Bhai pura ghar banane ke liye kitna cost hua batao plz? Including all e.g. furniture refrigerator tv all that stuff.. and love from panvel❤❤

  • Dixit sharma
    Dixit sharma

    Madam motti ho gyi

  • anjali

    I think he didn't know ki cyclone aya tha mumbai me....he keep saying weather! Coz it was not just a normal raining day.😐

  • Hritik Pawar
    Hritik Pawar

    Nikhil you should put some grill on windows for safety purpose that windows are scary as f.

    • Hritik Pawar
      Hritik Pawar

      @The Hidden Thinker Really, 😶 That's not a good rule. Does know what's there reason.

  • Tarun Saini
    Tarun Saini

    Pichle 1 saal se 3 million hi hai

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan

    While everyone is advising us to stay at our homes and go out only for essentials, Meanwhile Influencers be like Let's go for a drive. I agree he has every right to enjoy what he wants and how he wants,But its really sad to see that nowadays Influencers are doing all these just for content.They think they are bringing positivity by doing this.I believe that there's nothing inherently wrong in bringing such positivity,but sadly in this case, it feels everything other than positive . The irony here is,Someone's pain is someone else's bliss.The same thing which is giving someone happiness and joy is impacting some others’ life in various ways. You may hate me for this Nikhil and fans, but it was necessary that someone spoke about it.

  • Himanshu Verma
    Himanshu Verma

    Idk why people are hating him. He is enjoying what he has earned. Empathy is good but why he should be sad for others.

  • pratik jagtap
    pratik jagtap

    सर्व मराठी माणसं एकत्र व्हा आणि रोज स्टॉक मार्केट मधून घरबसल्या ५००-१००० कमवण्यासाठी जॉईन करा TRADER PRATIK टेलिग्राम चॅनेल. 👍👍👌👌😊😊

  • Trevor machado
    Trevor machado

    Shameless both of you

  • Trevor machado
    Trevor machado

    Idiots wanted french fries.... chutiyapa ki level

  • Devesh Superman
    Devesh Superman

    In this tough time you're flaunting your lifestyle. I am not angry with you i am sad for you. I was your subscriber but after seeing this video not anymore. Do you know this word "EMPATHY". I think you don't. It's all about education. One more thing you're not a influencer. After some subscriber base now you're uploading shit in the name of content. Shame on you. Now you'll say or some people will i am jealous n all. No i am not. I was your subscriber but not anymore. These days people are dying and Mumbai is in bad shape and you are flaunting your lifestyle. You're moron with no humanity left. I am not trolling you i am showing your real face. People real face shows in tough times. How they react in tough times. This is not first time you are doing this. You're habitual. You're Dillussional because you have subscriber base that's it. But you're worst human being. Cheap!!

  • Hashim Khan
    Hashim Khan

    I came after the meme in insta

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh

    Abe issme bhi video baneyega hadd ho tum bhi

  • Reet Aryan Biswas
    Reet Aryan Biswas

    Bhai wo jhaad nahi ped hai🤣

  • yash motwani
    yash motwani

    tariss pe jao kabhi

  • Atoz Mubile
    Atoz Mubile

    bilkul accurate sound nikal ho wind ka

  • Ranjan Sharma
    Ranjan Sharma

    Bhai bigboss me jao

  • Aniket Shelar
    Aniket Shelar

    Nice भाऊ मैं Delloitte मैं काम करता हू.

  • Jyotiswarup samantasingh
    Jyotiswarup samantasingh

    Dear nikhil, 1st thing u need to put grills on ur windows n balcony for safetyy

  • Choudhary Videos
    Choudhary Videos


  • ajay om traveller
    ajay om traveller

    Baarish ke time par t.v wali window open na karaein t.v mae moisture jaa sakta hain that's my opinion

  • Ajinkya Chinchole
    Ajinkya Chinchole

    Jhaad log🤣

  • Merlin Moras
    Merlin Moras


  • unofficial gamer
    unofficial gamer

    TV will spoil

  • My point
    My point

    Useless blog.

  • saily patil
    saily patil

    I couldn't even complete watching it , I expected some sentivity it's not June July ka mausum . When did he become so ignorant and self centred . Blatantly showing it off atleast could have been mindful.

  • legendary dog,s
    legendary dog,s

    can anyone tell me the truth about bombay traffic


    Itna mhenga ghr leke bhi faydaa naii tera nikhil paani ghr pe aahi gya alhamdulillah humlog k yha ku h naii aaya 🤣🤣🤣😁

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma

    Lol hirandani poor quality homes

  • Santosh Puthran
    Santosh Puthran

    Monsson has still not started ..This is the effect of Cyclone ...BTW stop calling your self an influencer ...And you are no longer a youth inspiration..Get well soon

  • Yasar Hussain
    Yasar Hussain

    It's the scene of mother

  • Sama Prakash
    Sama Prakash

    Super wethar Mumbai Sama Prakash vlog


    Pani aa gaya to saaf karle hame kya bata raha hai 🤣

  • Kabir Khan Originals
    Kabir Khan Originals

    I can do your editing work and support you if there is any technical work. I request you to see my sample cinematic videos. Please hire me I am currently in Bangalore can move to Mumbai. I can speak Hindi Tamil Malayam and English. I can join immediately.

  • om k vlog
    om k vlog

    Love from Surat

  • Vk creation
    Vk creation

  • Abhimanyu Raghav
    Abhimanyu Raghav

    Tufaan aaya hai 🤪🤪

  • Kavita Balwani
    Kavita Balwani


  • Pradyuman Solanki
    Pradyuman Solanki

    Nikkkhil bhai 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Amir shoil
    Amir shoil

    0:16 Nikhil was look for his watch

  • Mr Roxx
    Mr Roxx

    This dude may sound rude sometimes but he struggled his ass off to be where he's Right Now,and m Envious

    • Devesh Superman
      Devesh Superman

      This give you a right to do anything?? He is another moron that's it. Don't become bhakt

  • Sourav Bhakat
    Sourav Bhakat

    People only enjoy the struggle. Now MN has reached a stage in his life and people have a problem with that too? What a bunch of hypocrites.

    • ℓevi

      you didn't get the point, he is an influencer where he has power to influence lot of people and brands. He violating government rules and going out during a bad climate portrays him as irresponsible. Anyone who has such huge platform and has influence should be careful, you won't go out during lockdown & bad climate if you had such fan following, right ? So same as people expect same thing from him. Calling out the person you follow isn't wrong. Grow up!

  • ankit vig
    ankit vig

    what a beautiful vlog beeee ❤️❤️ lovely!!!

  • Indra Kumar Chauhan
    Indra Kumar Chauhan

    living on 26th floor bhai full mauj me nind badiya aye unke bare me soch jo 2 din se soo nahi rahi kuinki unke ghar me pani ghus gaya ya unke saar pe chat ahi hain


    eea dekh ke humko mazaa aa gaya. mazani life.

  • priyanka bisht
    priyanka bisht

    Mài b luck pe chord deti hu .

  • deepa bhanushali
    deepa bhanushali

  • Abhra Boral
    Abhra Boral

    Kya pehli bar dekhi hai pehli bar dekhi hai....cyclone tha normal tufaan nhi

  • Hari P
    Hari P

  • Atul J
    Atul J

    झाड़ नही, पेड़ बोलो भाई। 👍झाड़ मराठी मे बोलते है। और वीडियो इस आएसोम। 😎👍

  • Sahil Lotlikar
    Sahil Lotlikar

    Guys, get yourself a IFB cloths dryer instead of drying them in bedroom..drying cloths inside bedroom is not a good for health.

  • Rohit Chauhan
    Rohit Chauhan

    whole video is about- “bhot jhaad gire hain”.

  • Abban Ahmad
    Abban Ahmad

    BMC Cheif: how do we estimate the damage done? BMC Employees: Let's watch Niikhil's Vlog

  • RAJ creations
    RAJ creations

    I can feel

  • Ramsey Rumao
    Ramsey Rumao

    So lucky you didn’t had power cut 😂😂

  • Nakul D. Patidar
    Nakul D. Patidar

    Ek tree ke liye bhi tumara concern nhi he 👎👎

  • Yogender Sharma
    Yogender Sharma

    Ye hills type kya najar aate hai ?

  • Rupesh Jadhav
    Rupesh Jadhav


  • deepanshu yadav
    deepanshu yadav


  • Gajendra Ambokar
    Gajendra Ambokar

    Bhai aap bhi SMKC channel dekhte ho kya ?



  • Royston M
    Royston M

    Just think what will happen if the building fall

  • Raj Sheth
    Raj Sheth

    raat ko police nai hoti kya bhai udr .. apne idr toh chappe chappe me hote h

  • prasad rathod
    prasad rathod

    with that said always..... is like SAVDHAN WISHRAM for SHANIECE ma'am 😂😂

  • A H
    A H

    Dudh dhad hu ha hi huu 😂😂

  • Mr. Bean gaming
    Mr. Bean gaming

    mask kyu nhi pehanta

  • Cricket is my religion
    Cricket is my religion

    Awesome Video 👏👏

  • Rakesh kakade
    Rakesh kakade

    Bring back your old intro music ❤️

  • CR7 Messi
    CR7 Messi

    God 4 cringy..

  • 55 Jaydeepsinh D Sarvaiya
    55 Jaydeepsinh D Sarvaiya

    I'm from gujrat Nd feel our pain U r enjoying 😵😓