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  • Nikki

    You guys have unhealthy lifestyle if u see there vlogs they dont sleep on time and dont wakeup on time. Sleeping late in night after watching movies u can watch movies early than late night. See the fridge all artificial and package drink. Can u believe they buy package coconut water specailly place like India where u get lot of fresh tender coconut why to buy package for some people coconut water is costly but this people have money to buy. Given example take a fresh tender coconut and open it keep drink after half an hour or 1 hour u will send the water oxside when contacted with air. Just imagine how much preservatives they put in the package drink to preserve it. They dont keep the curtain open during day time or while sleeping they keep it close bcoz they dont want to wake up early. Sunlight is a good source of energy it give positive reduce ur anxiety. Just put curtain during day time and dont allow sunlight to pass in. Also the drink package milk not fresh milk better avoid milk. Then she advice to put sunblock at home also due to blah blah reason. When u Unhealthy lifestyle it is one of the major reason of anxiety. I agree but who live healthy lifestyle has anxiety but if u see most of the people have very unhealthy lifestyle. To reduce anxiety u need to work out mediate and eat healthy clean food change lifestyle this 1st thing u have to do. Then things will change automatically. For mental relaxation meditation excerise is must and positive thoughts. This much u do u will find a positive results. Eat healthy eat fresh food. Also expose ur body to sunlight every day best time in morning 2hr before sun rise.

  • Vlogs with PratikS
    Vlogs with PratikS

    Sunlight not getting properly

  • Rushabh Ausarkar
    Rushabh Ausarkar

    Small plant u can only take water onece in week


    Which black coffee do you have ?

  • Shrikant Gopalakrishnan
    Shrikant Gopalakrishnan

    Comment your video for the Thoughts 😂😂

  • Naved Ghani
    Naved Ghani

    Letyshop link not working! Check the link given in description!!!

  • Bijayananda Lenka
    Bijayananda Lenka

    Love your blogs bro seeing lots of blog but your is besr

  • Pratik Sharma
    Pratik Sharma

    Don't water it regularly. Only water it after 2 day of interval & don't keep it in directly sun light.

  • soham siddhi vlogs
    soham siddhi vlogs

    Plant ko dhup me rakho

  • comedy masti
    comedy masti

    Op bro

  • sakshi chitkara
    sakshi chitkara

    You both are very seems in your voice..if you don't like india, plzz settle in other Country you have lot of money..dont forget that you have Indian audience on your Channel


    The palnt is becoming dead is not getting right amount of sunlight 😀

  • Bhavik Patel
    Bhavik Patel

    plents ko bhai alag room me rakho to give it sunlight or jo accche grow kare rahe he uski place ko replace kardo shayad better ho jaaye in short place change kr do

  • NitinDeo Prasad
    NitinDeo Prasad

    Sunlight theek se nhi mil rhi hogi

  • IndiaMrt

    Plant is not getting enough sunlight

  • Vlogs by Zahra
    Vlogs by Zahra


  • Ruchi Saxena
    Ruchi Saxena

    God bless you❤️

  • Tirth Shah
    Tirth Shah

    Mostly plants are not habitate with Different kind of sunlight at different time so Try purchasing new plants no other choice 😭

  • rushabh rick
    rushabh rick

    Dhoopppppp dhoppppp jadu waale plants ko dhoppp chaiyee


    bro uske pttiyo me keedey lg gye h , isliye wo shrink hora h plant

  • Piano Menia
    Piano Menia

    2:24 because equal amount of water is not necessary to all plants nikhil bhai. You have to know about their need and also have to give them pesticides, fungicides etc etc. I recently made a balcony garden in my house with 15 - 16 plants of all different species then I understood

  • Aaryamesh Tiwari
    Aaryamesh Tiwari

    Nikhil bhai try updating the Apple Watch ⌚️

  • Sayyed Asef
    Sayyed Asef

    Hello sir kya ye giveaway open hai???

  • Sayyed Asef
    Sayyed Asef

    Hello sir kya ye giveaway open hai???

  • Pravin Rupani
    Pravin Rupani

    Too much eating she went to buy a milk and she sow the cow and ahe felt hungry and she had a whole COW.........

  • Sourab Singh
    Sourab Singh

    salla adhi video me sale hae

  • Shubham Bhoyar
    Shubham Bhoyar

    She needs calorie Deficit diet .

  • prateek sharma
    prateek sharma

    Getting cheaper day by day in click baits

  • Hamid Khan
    Hamid Khan

    Bhai ne vlog ko dukan bana rakha h .. not watchimg again

  • Anand raghunandan
    Anand raghunandan

    Dhoop nhi lgta kya plant ko

  • English only MP, UP
    English only MP, UP

    Don t put lots of water

  • Varun Joshi
    Varun Joshi

    Then don't share. Thanks.

  • Sparsh Tiwari
    Sparsh Tiwari

    Please stop using click bait titles

  • Johan Maredia
    Johan Maredia

    Say welcome to our house

  • shilpa yadav
    shilpa yadav

    Jyada pani dalne se bhi plant mar jate hai isliye subah ya saam ko pani dalna chahiye

  • Manam Chauhan
    Manam Chauhan

    Use coco peat vermicompost and sand mixture of 33.33% each for better growth n development

  • Mayur Ingle
    Mayur Ingle

    Ask Tanya Khanijow Big fan of both youtuber

  • Himanshu Mallick
    Himanshu Mallick

    Papa baan geya?

  • prince gulati
    prince gulati

    Hope I win id: 13740824

  • DRx.keshav rathour
    DRx.keshav rathour

    Bhai ye watch wagaira se acha two fingers se light press kro wrist pr waha pr heartbeat asani se feel kr skty ho wo real hoti h

  • Sandy

    She threw apple Watch 😳😳😳

  • Asim Patel
    Asim Patel

    Bhai this is called health anxiety, if u r keep checking ur heart beat thats ovious it will increase, I had the same issue, Dr suggested me to get busy in life and i am fine now.

  • Harshvardhan Rathod
    Harshvardhan Rathod

    Done bhai

  • Shrinidhi Deshpande
    Shrinidhi Deshpande

    Your subscribers and viewer's counting is not increasing only because you are reading only the top 100, 200 comments. That content you were referring to was not that much interesting.

  • evaristo fernandes
    evaristo fernandes

    I hope Zomato and county delight dahi closes down i pray everyday

  • Kanishk Ramola
    Kanishk Ramola

    Fun Fact - He is doung promotion of Letty shops and You tube is showing ad of Cash Karo

  • pubg desi gamer
    pubg desi gamer

    Ped Mein gay ka Gobar dalo

  • Real Vedant
    Real Vedant

    Vlog kbb aega , mai apni susu rok k betha hu dekne ko😭😭😭

  • Sid N
    Sid N

    Nikhil bhai never check pulse like that again. If I'm not mistaken then neck has arteries going to brain. So checking pulse by applying pressure on BOTH sides is UNSAFE. Always check at wrist. Only in emergency try near neck that too SINGLE SIDE.

  • Parminder Kaur Matharu
    Parminder Kaur Matharu

    Cut the leaves of that dead plant and then put water of uncooked rice...water that is used for the first time u wash rice repeat this for 1 week n u will see the changes

  • George Massey
    George Massey

    ye ab sirf kuch b promote karta h.

  • Jyoti Yadav
    Jyoti Yadav

    Vlogging while driving should be declared an offence..these INfunrs risk their life as well as others life..


    Put water after 3days👍


    Abey iwatch faik diya itna paisa hai kya bhaii kal ko iphone faik denge

  • parth gaming
    parth gaming

    Use pay banana ka sal ka pan dalo

  • Mohit Krishna Das
    Mohit Krishna Das

    Nikhil bhai if she's anxious. Let her have inderal 10 medicine for somedays. With doctors prescription. It will go away.

  • saurabh khurana
    saurabh khurana

    aisi nalayak ladki ke saath Tu bohot pareshan hee hoga, Isko harr 2 din baad Kuch ho jata hai.

  • Anshu kumari
    Anshu kumari

    Even I feel same... Anxious... Feeling...

  • Traveller Ankit
    Traveller Ankit


  • Harsh Shrivastava
    Harsh Shrivastava

    Second Owner Car

  • Mahesh Kavade
    Mahesh Kavade

    sir kabhi hiranandani helipad powai v travel kro waha se all mumbai worli sea link and airport juhu beach sab dikhta heh

  • Preet Production
    Preet Production

    Sir i m also siffring from same prlm its called health anxity it took me almost two years and still on medications so dun ise google or din check heart rate again and again

  • Riya H
    Riya H

    I don’t use instagram or facebook. Would i still be considered for the giveaway?

  • Lovish Gupta
    Lovish Gupta

    you put your gmla on a wrong side

  • 9asshh Chow
    9asshh Chow

    Moti baithe baithe hi drain ho jaati hai. Khane k alawa kuchh kaam bhi nahi isko

  • Somesh Hinduja
    Somesh Hinduja

    Nikhil making coffee in that coffee pan is so nice ,pleasent red colour,from where we can get that?


    Hope fully I win

  • Gurukul Ka Gyani
    Gurukul Ka Gyani

    From Kanoon Ki Roshni Mein 👍

  • Aish K
    Aish K

    Whenever you buy plants from nursery...ask the person details....every plant is different...some need daily watering, some alternate days and some even more than three days....some can burn in sunlight and some needs sunlight all the time ...we need to take care of each plant according to its need...

  • kranthi kumar
    kranthi kumar

    Every citizen in the country is a tax payer


    What if Rizwan's iPhone is not updated?

  • Priyanshu Tyagi
    Priyanshu Tyagi

    These opportunists know very well how to exploit people in the name of sympathy n all. Shame on you nothing is private even in your private life. I feel pity for your mentality.

  • Abhishek Ranawat
    Abhishek Ranawat

    Ghar toh clean karne bol , kitna ganda karke rakha hai, mummy ho toh aisa nahi hota , aur woh dekh ke pareshan ho jaye... Mujhe malum hai tu kuch bolta nahi hai par itna seedha banke kaha jaana hai , bol ghar toh saaf rakhna hi padega... Subah shaam pade nahi rahneka... Ghuma phirake bolna hai toh waise bol... Starting me hi jo habit lagegi lifetime waise hi karenge, so be strict...

  • geeta iyer
    geeta iyer

    Bp can be also because of spondolysis, lack of sleep, which causes anxiety in both the cases... I m facing the same! Plant needs lil good soil, water , sunlight and air dedo na!


    Are koi batayega, ye aadmi or uski biwi karta kya hai? 😐

  • Dr.v.m. limbasiya
    Dr.v.m. limbasiya

    Sunlight nahi aati udhar side vale plant pe🔥

  • 29 Nikhil Sharma
    29 Nikhil Sharma

    जानवर का गोबर डालो पौधे में

  • Rishabh Pant
    Rishabh Pant

    Isko bolo weight kaam kRne

  • Amir shoil
    Amir shoil

    Kuch nhi hogya our pm jo hai Modi ji apna ghar banare apna jet liye

  • MUSiC aLiVE
    MUSiC aLiVE

    *Apply water when top soil is dry and don't go for over-watering. *Check the drainage is proper or not in the pot. *You can use the cutting (living part) of the plant that is dead. *Use Trichoderma. It is a bio fungicide. Non-harmful.

  • Vinit Phatak
    Vinit Phatak

    Forget Other Watches Even Apple Watch is Not Correct........So We Should Not Rely Smartwatches Smartwatches are making Humans Dumb

  • Gaming With Gulsher
    Gaming With Gulsher

    Plants don’t get sunlight

  • santosh more
    santosh more

    No content, no fun time waste to watch

  • Dj vlogs
    Dj vlogs

    Oto raikkos tumra ota ganji ta faro re

  • Yukti Kashyap
    Yukti Kashyap

    probably you are putting more water than it requires

  • ajoy education
    ajoy education

    Wo sb to thik hai.. daily ghora chala rha h na...

  • Dinesh

    Uska heart beat bdha to usane "apple watch" fek diya....fir mera heart beat badh gya....😒😒

  • Rishab Sharma
    Rishab Sharma

    Plant care tip - Use your pinky finger (chichi ungli) to check if the soil is moist. If it is moist, do not water it. You can even water it thrice a week & it should happily survive.

  • Sahil

    Chutiye log ko knowledge nahi hai kuch plants lagaya h show shining me plants ko 😂😂😂

  • Sahil

    Thumbnil dekke laga abhi ye shainece video me nahi dikhne wali kya yaar nikhil bhai

  • Anisa Maity
    Anisa Maity


  • samad ahmed
    samad ahmed

    Hiii Nikhil bhai, the plants outside are kept below the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Due to condensation the water dripping from the gas pipe joint destroys the plants, the water is not harmful in any way but it lacks salts and minerals the plants need. Your plants soak that distilled AC water and dry out, the water you put afterwards is just excessive for the plants and is not absorbed by the roots, place the plants somewhere else they'll grow just fine or channel the dripping water somewhere else.

  • Akshay Chourasiya
    Akshay Chourasiya

    The bitter truth : 7:22 👍🏻

  • gulab yadav
    gulab yadav

    Bhai uski mitty weak 👎 hai use zink gobbar ki khad dalo

  • Debasish Mishra
    Debasish Mishra

    Modern world problems


    You are so handsome bro .....🎉🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • alibagkar sudeep
    alibagkar sudeep

    This sheds plant pani jyada ho raha hai.

  • Anshika Suyal
    Anshika Suyal

    _Quote : A lie doesnt become truth,_ _Wrong doesnt become right,_ _And evil doesnt become good,_ _Just because its accepted by a majority._

  • ATHARVA Thete
    ATHARVA Thete

    Jr.Nikku Soon🥳

  • neeta ratwani
    neeta ratwani

    Yaa right ! Nikhil will come meet ppl , he’s a INfun with ranbir kapoor Attitue