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  • Mumbiker Nikhil
    Mumbiker Nikhil

    Good morning guys.. Download India's simplest Bitcoin app, CoinDCX Go: Use the Code NIKHIL100 while signing up to get Rs.100 worth of free bitcoin 🔥 *Offer valid only for limited time period*

    • all india handlooms
      all india handlooms

      Coindcx go me money deposit mobikwik k through tax gst lagta he, kese deposit karte he ap ????🙄🙄🙄🙏 Rply plzzz

    • lovewatch anime
      lovewatch anime

      Mumbiker Nikhil will take personal responsibility of anyone losing their crypto in scam as crypto is non GOV regulated "something".. no guarantee .. mahn crypto runs on big players tweets .. unlike you not everyone father got them many homes to get rent and have free money to spend. you should know that people , kids will really invest in crypto which is unstable or will arrange money on interest to invest because of your stupid video. what a shame.. loved your videos and i know you will get angry saying about family and rent stuff but i said it to show how you are allowing apps to scam people. just for few bucs if income you are allowing this scam apps to promote . good job ..

    • Crazy Railfan Anand
      Crazy Railfan Anand

      Using Zebpay since 2017.

    • Venkatesh Mathangi
      Venkatesh Mathangi

      Bohot advertisement karte ho bhai

    • adil ali
      adil ali

      Why i cant sell the bitcoin which i got by using the coupon nikhil100 . It shows that its locked balance

  • Sontosh Sorade official
    Sontosh Sorade official

    Bhai ye 1 month me apka pura vlog khtam kardiya aba tak a

  • D I N E S H
    D I N E S H

    Becoming fat nowadays

  • U.P. Walla
    U.P. Walla

    Chutiyapa Mat Kar

  • Soumen bhowmick
    Soumen bhowmick

    I cna

  • samad ahmed
    samad ahmed

    Hii Nikhil bhai, saw your video the other day the plants outside are kept below the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Due to condensation the water dripping from the gas pipe joint destroys the plants, the water is not harmful in any way but it lacks salts and minerals the plants need. Your plants soak that distilled AC water and die, the water you put afterwards is just excessive for the plants and is not absorbed by the roots, place the plants somewhere else they'll grow just fine or channel the dripping water somewhere else.


    I open account and got 100 rs of Bitcoin but it is block. How can I unlock it

  • sandeep111ism

    Do watch The good doctor

  • Adesh Pawar
    Adesh Pawar

  • Yogita Sharma
    Yogita Sharma


  • Amol Waghchaure
    Amol Waghchaure

    Bhai vlog dekhne me pehle jaisa itna maja nah aata abhi 😶😶😶

  • Murshid ali
    Murshid ali

    Bhai you look like a Shahrukh Khan


    Sir,aapane Q7 liya ab muze aapaka driver banane ka hai (VIP Driver)🙏🚩 (9820870709)

  • Arshiya Sayyed
    Arshiya Sayyed

    From Where did you buy smartwatch blet

  • Nitin Sinha
    Nitin Sinha

    Mai house

  • swapnil inje
    swapnil inje

    Which App for crypto ?

  • nileshk611

    do your research and invest in crypto, this guy just goes on marketing any damn thing that comes his way.

  • Ishtiaq Ahmad Khokhar
    Ishtiaq Ahmad Khokhar

    Nikhal bro koi different app batayo ya app Pakistan 🇵🇰 main download nahi ho raha crypto k lia

  • Krrish Hirani
    Krrish Hirani

    Nikhil, deposits r disabled

  • emon Uddhin
    emon Uddhin

    Emon i love YOU 🤟

  • Cricket is my religion
    Cricket is my religion

    Awesome Video 👏👏

  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan

    Ammi goes😂

  • Amir shoil
    Amir shoil

    10:52 zesshan is very nice guy

  • HR Mania Vlogs
    HR Mania Vlogs


  • Vicky Garero
    Vicky Garero

    Investment tip gold cripto sab choro petrol pe investment karo aage ane wale din mai jab rate badhega to sell kardo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 no lose zero risk investment

  • Harsh Raikwar
    Harsh Raikwar

    Just watch "The office" its way more entertaining than friends

  • Anshika Suyal
    Anshika Suyal

    _Quote : When nothing sells,_ _Start selling your emotion._

  • Tanmay Shokeen
    Tanmay Shokeen

    Bhai delhi shift ho jao please

  • Anuraj Nair
    Anuraj Nair

    Do research on the controversy going on with "Friends" in India. Disrespecting any religion has become a cool dude thing nowadays.

  • MK Covering
    MK Covering

    Nice to watch your friendship with zeeshan...

  • abhsek

    Méhul , sharjil ?

  • Haridini Maske
    Haridini Maske

    I can touch my leg to head

  • Sunny SaaB rupana
    Sunny SaaB rupana

    aajo Punjab 22 .... Welcome always

  • Saiyed RazzakOfficial
    Saiyed RazzakOfficial

    Content se jyada ad chalraha he bhai Thoda ad kam daaldena ❤

  • Abhijeet Gupta
    Abhijeet Gupta

    *observation* When Nikhil tell some life lesson or life learning thing, then he ends with a promotion of something 😂😂

    • Harmanjeet Singh Cheema
      Harmanjeet Singh Cheema

      Ps: I'm not saying ki promote nahi karna chaiye nikhil bhai ko. Apne bade bhai hai WO😁

    • Harmanjeet Singh Cheema
      Harmanjeet Singh Cheema

      Emotions ek bada important point hota hai bhai agar kisiko kuch bechna hai to. And agar koi hume kuch advice de raha hai to apne life experience ke sath relate karke dete hai taki samjhana and samajhna easy ho jaye☺

  • Haryaksh patel
    Haryaksh patel

  • Aaditya Gadekar
    Aaditya Gadekar


  • Sahib Singh Panesar
    Sahib Singh Panesar

    Puri video me coin dcx ki add hai... nikkkhil bhai apki videos me abb voh baat ni rahi.. m following you from last 3 years

  • Chiranjeev Sahu
    Chiranjeev Sahu

    Nikhil bhai started watching F.r.i.e.n.d.s My mind 🤔

  • indian rider jeet
    indian rider jeet

    Wonderful both of you

  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta

    They are living best days of their life. ☺️

  • Bikiran Mondal
    Bikiran Mondal

    Mn squad hit like

  • Rajesh Jain
    Rajesh Jain

    Agar aap Delhi me hote to aap murthal me bahut SE dhabe hai.. Delhi se log specially murthal jaate hai enjoy Karne Ke liye family members and friends Ke Saath 👍👍

  • Dews Abhishek
    Dews Abhishek

    Bara gida

  • DBZ Master Gaming
    DBZ Master Gaming

    Really loving to see your vlogs❤️ it's so funny😂 and knowledgable☺️❣️


  • Rishav Raj
    Rishav Raj

    Nikhil bhai ajkl main bhi socha rha invest krne ka ek acha app hi khoj rha tha.. recently ye coin dcx ke bare suna Sir bs apke kehne pr bharosa kr rha app pr hope so everything goes fine😚

  • Mohammed Mehndi Patel
    Mohammed Mehndi Patel

    My house itself says Mai (Mother) house 😉

  • Prajukta Bhatra
    Prajukta Bhatra


  • Ayush Jain
    Ayush Jain

  • Jaiveer Singh
    Jaiveer Singh

    Bhai aap bhi es line me aagae😂 coin switch kuber pr aajao charges se bachjaoge

  • Dhritiman

    Awkward camera was in kamode

  • 34_Aditya Sonawane
    34_Aditya Sonawane

    Fake description

  • 34_Aditya Sonawane
    34_Aditya Sonawane

    Bhai kay sponsor video dalte ho

  • anshuman singh
    anshuman singh

    Sab bakwas han cryto scam han is youtuber ko paisa de rhas han is liya bol rhaa han le lo le lo toh sab bakwas han

  • Suraz Sir
    Suraz Sir

    Why is INfun not recommending your videos to me even if i have subscribed your channel and is a regular viewer from last 3 years

  • Mayur Makwana
    Mayur Makwana

    Bhaiya please check reviews of that bitcoin AAP you are promoting

  • Karan Modh
    Karan Modh

    Scams= Nikhil

  • Jagmohan Mishra
    Jagmohan Mishra

    Bhai k channel ko grow krwao..!!! 🤝🙏

  • AR Production
    AR Production


    Beta tere views dekh ke lag raha tera dhandha band hone vala hai😂, tu sadak pe aa jaega

  • Omkar Huude
    Omkar Huude

    Bhai The Office ke samne friends kuch nai hai Aap The Office dekho!❤️

  • Lovish

    When in last vlog he said he watched 10 minute recap of friends. I was like 🤔 10 saal ka content 10 minute me kaise samjhega fir then today he said he started watching friend. Now i feel its his best decision.

  • aliyan haider
    aliyan haider

    5 mint zaya kr deye srf cyrptooooo ke leye

  • Shahnawaz Ali
    Shahnawaz Ali

    Please dont convert your vlog to an ad video 🙏

  • Nikhil is Riding
    Nikhil is Riding

    Today's quote is total bullshit. One should never do business on own or someone else's emotions. Thats pretty stupid

  • Shreyas Ninawe
    Shreyas Ninawe

    11 minutes vlog and 5 to 6 minutes of advertisement

  • Praveen Sharma
    Praveen Sharma

    isko pese mile h app promotion ke aap log agr sch me interested h ya knowledge h to hi kre investment ok👍


    Aaj ka vlog bhai

  • Parag rai
    Parag rai

    This is not a blog chanal - this is advatigemnt chanal 😡🤬🤬😠😡

  • Kulbir Kaur
    Kulbir Kaur

    People make losses just because of people like you

  • Prakhar Sinha
    Prakhar Sinha

    Better than sourav joshi vlogs

    • Prakhar Sinha
      Prakhar Sinha

      @Tanmay Suri lol ha

    • Tanmay Suri
      Tanmay Suri

      Lol nhi

    • Saubhagaya Mahajan
      Saubhagaya Mahajan

      Lol nahi

  • Survival Gamer
    Survival Gamer

    Vaccine kyu nhi lagwai

  • Rishav Saha
    Rishav Saha

    Bohot din se ap ko follow karta hu vai... Bohot bara fan hu Apka.. But Apka contact aj kal Akdam boring lag raha hai... Pahale hi Acha tha...

  • Sakshi Marathe
    Sakshi Marathe

    whats this RDO Amigos ???/

  • V D
    V D

    CoinDCx got released this year ....and this fool is promoting as if he is using it from ages......Scam alert guyz beware of fake influencers

  • Ishan Pai
    Ishan Pai

    First MN started the ghee controversy with shobhit , now he started MY house 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tiger

    Guys hamare pas ke jangal mein government 3 lakh पेड़ों ko kat rahi hai wo bhi हीरे ki khadan ke liye please mein aap se request karta hun ki aaj dopahar 2 baje se twitter par #savebuxwahaforest ke nam se ट्वीट karein please save our nature for all human being।।।

  • Newman 7
    Newman 7

    Kaam hi Sab se bada hota hai nikhil bhai I understand but shadi toh jindagi mein ek hi baar aati hai, not against ur words but just felt to share my words

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma


  • Sangeeta Savoor
    Sangeeta Savoor

    Hi. Could you send a link for the Apple Watch strap that you purchased. Thanks 😊

  • Ayush Rautela
    Ayush Rautela

    sometimes i feel like i am you/you're me...i love your vlogs...wish you have a wonderful life ahead 🌸💕


    Oh ho 😀


    vloggers suggesting crpto investing ? bhai kuch bhi ? what is ur experience and how come you are suggesting ? suggest equity. crypto is nt safe

  • Mohsin Kamal
    Mohsin Kamal

    11:04 very disappointing point

  • Chabi Dhakal - 6B Vlogs
    Chabi Dhakal - 6B Vlogs

    Did I heard that right?....that you were talking about me. Subscriber in Canada hehe....anyway lots of love from Canada mere bhai ..


    Again u talk bitcoin shame on you and all youtuber who promote bitcoin.

  • status point Ak
    status point Ak

    Daily Dose.😂

  • karan patel
    karan patel

    NIKHIL bhai coin dcx go ma 15 days se 10k Block hue he abhi tak support team se koi response nai aya he...:(

  • Mubeen Ashraf
    Mubeen Ashraf

    #bitcoin #crypto #cnbc U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other officials have warned about the use of cryptocurrencies for illicit transactions.

  • Namit M
    Namit M

    Does that pins hurt

  • vishal bansal
    vishal bansal

    This is the very least views i hve seen in any of the vlogs of Nikhil in 16hrs.... anyways i can still find a positivity in it, that is, these views r offfff genuine subscribers

  • enzo boi
    enzo boi

    shanice's hair looks shit from behind

  • V J
    V J

    Finally the day has come when he is promoting the speculative assets. Such an irresponsible influencer.

  • Dixit Jasra
    Dixit Jasra

    Bhai last ke line sahi bol family bacha kaam or dost 🙏

  • Harsh Srivastava
    Harsh Srivastava

    Look Nikhil, this Coindcx go app is a big scam and please don't promote this app. The Glitch today with prices made many investors lose their hard earned money. If you are true influencer talk about this

  • sachin shetty
    sachin shetty


  • Soham Joshi
    Soham Joshi

    Try the big bang theory too

  • Rupesh Agrawal
    Rupesh Agrawal

    Very bad marketing by coinDCX as all influencers promoting at same time.... #coindcx please change your marketing team

  • Rushil Srivastava
    Rushil Srivastava

    Tiger tiger hai bhai