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  • Divyansh

    All of them in comments criticising him of going outside but deep down we all know non of us are “dudh ka dhula”

  • Firdous Shaikh
    Firdous Shaikh

    Tere caption chutiyo logo k tarah hai

  • Moist Baba
    Moist Baba

    6:35 why she spit in your drink like that



  • Saif Shaikh
    Saif Shaikh

    Scooter kaha pe hai

  • VINAMRA Hindu
    VINAMRA Hindu

    zidd ...india ka first vlogger ,, india ka pehla youtuber , sabka daddy jo kabhi daddy nai bana ... uska permission nai liya

  • _______

    Can anyone explain what type of video this channel makes??

  • Dhiren Mehta
    Dhiren Mehta

    She looks like #RakhiSawant in short hair.😀

  • Sanad Nigam
    Sanad Nigam

    Bhai har mahine bolte ho paise nhi paise aur har mahine 1-2 lakh ki cheeje aram se le dlte ho 😂 kyo hum logo ki jlate ho

  • Nikhil Pal
    Nikhil Pal

    Bhai ZIDD use mat kro kisi ka patent hai ye ..😂😂 you know what I mean...😂

  • Kaalio Choro
    Kaalio Choro

    bro watch ertugrul gazi bcoz so big web seris

  • Chirag Bhardwaj
    Chirag Bhardwaj

    Nikhil brother that pain is muscle tension due to anxiety pls try to look into it with different approach

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    1:54 want to go to Belgium



  • Daniel Fernandes
    Daniel Fernandes

    Hi...Nikhil...I was planning to buy the u use venue is it possible for u to make a car owners review...or can u suggest venue or kia sonet...pls..

  • Mohit Pandey
    Mohit Pandey

    First time I'm experiencing 1260 p ... It's amazing

  • Vk creation
    Vk creation

  • Anushka Thakur
    Anushka Thakur

    “You guys are just perfect together! Because your love is true! It’s not like your lucky. If you love someone from your deep heart then he/she loves back at any reason. It is love ❤️. Which you guys feel for each other. It’s not a luck.” It’s just what I think.🙂 because noone is lucky or unlucky. God has given everyone to write our own fate! It’s depends on how we write it through our karma. I think I said little more but.....sorry if you feel bad!🙂 You guys are my favourite or also my inspiration. And yess I love you both #nishani ❤️

  • Pradyuman Solanki
    Pradyuman Solanki

    Nikkkhil bhai 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Me Dahanukar
    Me Dahanukar

    I have the Olympus 10 X 50. Its mind blowing. Especially the 3d view it provides is 👌👌

  • Harsh Dewan
    Harsh Dewan

    Bhaiya venue ka colour Q change kiya 🙄????? Hope you tell us

  • Kamran Hussain
    Kamran Hussain

    Kitni overacting

  • Kamran Hussain
    Kamran Hussain

    Kitna faltu ka gyaan pelta hai fhugat

  • Mahek Modi
    Mahek Modi

    Video dekh k maza aya bhai

  • Sanyam Singh
    Sanyam Singh

    Kya cool life hai yar tumhari 🔥🔥

  • Ghaliba Shah
    Ghaliba Shah

    Since you're fine with comments; glad you specified that while having binoculars is fun, one must not use it to invade other's privacy 🙂 Thank you for that, Indian kids need good role models like you 👍🏻 As said in your former vlog, yes, shooting vlogs should be allowed in certain public areas but since some are high security areas; for protection of those under baseless threats or for safety of witnesses or to maintain anonymity of under cover agents or cause some like privacy (the way some like being public figures & everyone has a right to their non-criminal liking), cause teenagers make out on streets (& may regret PDA after turning adults whereby many feel that kids on street shouldn't be given that kind of exposure until certain age & they should've instead had decent fun or there could be an area designated for couples to hang out), etc. so shooting vlogs everywhere isn't allowed but I doubt that will stop India from progressing, infact it will enable more of employment as its inspired Mr. Zaid Darbar & likes to create sudios like Atrangz where content creators can go all creative in a space where they have a right to not be disturbed, just the way there's Goregaon & Ramoji Film City for people in the film industry 🙂

  • Sahil Chaudhari
    Sahil Chaudhari

    Bhai aap ZIDD kaise use kr sakte ho koi to firse offend ho jayega 🤣😂

  • Itihaas aur Hum
    Itihaas aur Hum

    Joke of the day pasie nahi the bhai kk pas ek video se bhai hajaro khichta h

  • Manpreet Sandhu
    Manpreet Sandhu

    Love nikhil bhai

  • Surekha Gupta
    Surekha Gupta

    Dark is so confusing

  • Badshah Vlog
    Badshah Vlog

    Thanks for 800 ❤️ ab 1000 karwado plz ❤️ Love you guys ❤️.

  • Tabrez Ahmad
    Tabrez Ahmad

    Luv u both❤️❤️

  • Reaper Pubg
    Reaper Pubg

    Your videos are always fun to watch lots of love 🥰

  • Ishtiaq Ahmad Khokhar
    Ishtiaq Ahmad Khokhar

    Nikhal bro comment parna main maza ata hai tu Phr aik heart ❤️ mill jai ga Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Sonu Khan
    Sonu Khan

    I am also like nikhil blogging video

  • deepa bhanushali
    deepa bhanushali

  • Darshan Patil
    Darshan Patil

    5:15 bola Hai apne.. . Tho fir mein woow use karu kya mama earth... Tum woow woow kar rhai te abhi mama earth..... Mivi mivi kar rhai हो kaal se noise noise ya one plus one plus Karo ghe😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ajith Mohanan
    Ajith Mohanan

    Your subscribers numbers are not increasing it seems ...

  • Shailendra Yadav
    Shailendra Yadav

    Bhaisn ho gyi h kha kha k toh kaise rokegi bhokh

  • Ashish Lad
    Ashish Lad


  • Ashish Lad
    Ashish Lad


  • Ashish Lad
    Ashish Lad


  • Ashish Lad
    Ashish Lad


  • Ashish Lad
    Ashish Lad


  • Ujwal Gotawat
    Ujwal Gotawat

    Bhai appki access kaha hai???

  • pritam sengupta
    pritam sengupta

    nikkhil bhai aap ka Furniture IKEA se nahi aap "Kakoli Furniture" se liye ho,zhuth mat bolna 🥺..

  • Bikiran Mondal
    Bikiran Mondal

    Mn squad hit like

  • Shilp Muliya
    Shilp Muliya

    Nikkhill bhai aap k ghar me mandir hai??

  • Mrinmoy MBG
    Mrinmoy MBG

    Nikhil sir ka T-shirt kis kis ko atcha laga 👍🏻

  • Shreepad Khamitkar
    Shreepad Khamitkar

    9:17 MN ne hint diya .. junior MN..???

  • Mrinmoy MBG
    Mrinmoy MBG

    My mom put things safely dn forgot aur bolte heh meneh to nehi rakha🤣🤣


    Ma'am Lucky hai Nikhil jaise unko husband mile hain Mja aata hai unka video dekhne mein Aapko bahut saara pyar mere taraf se main jharkhand ke chote se gaon se hoon

  • ans

    Bro don't have cold drinks or shakes..... Not safe especially in covid situation, keep chest dry as much as possible.


    bhaiya mask laga ke rakho plz

  • Sarder Saheb
    Sarder Saheb

    I Think Nikhil is.wearing mask in worng way!

  • Soham Gurav
    Soham Gurav

    "Zidd" 🤣😬 if you know you know

  • Dhaval Bharvadiya
    Dhaval Bharvadiya

    Bhai apke freez ka name kya hai

  • Bhavya

    Only true subs know about Zidd controversy 😂

  • Darsh Sadhwani
    Darsh Sadhwani

    Apki acsees 125 kaha h


    Rojh comment karte hai app reply hi nahi karte 😔😔

  • HR Mania Vlogs
    HR Mania Vlogs


  • Pratyaksh Rawat
    Pratyaksh Rawat

    BIWI HOTO SHAINCEVJAISI 🎉🎉🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️NICE CHOICE BRO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Amol Waghchaure
    Amol Waghchaure

    Bhai shirt is so weird ,😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Nilesh Kumar
    Nilesh Kumar

    Ssr purchased that Telescope

  • Kunwar Puneet singh
    Kunwar Puneet singh

    I have noticed in your videos that you often touch the outer layer of your mask which is not a safe thing to do reason being that the mask is saving us from aerosol of infected person so basically by doing this we are touching the same infected aerosol.

  • pratham Shastrakar
    pratham Shastrakar

    Koi bhi fit ho sakta hai no doubt but yeah dono kabhi fit nhi ho sakte 😅😅😂😂😂

  • Milan Suryadipta Das
    Milan Suryadipta Das

    Start birdwatching Nikhil Bhaiya!

  • Spirit Op
    Spirit Op

    That Brown Mundeb T-shirt 🔥🤣

  • Rajat Jain
    Rajat Jain

    Which app do u use for crypto trading? Nikhil bhai

  • Sreejit paul
    Sreejit paul

    Mumbaiker nikhil bhi 4k🌚

  • Cricket is my religion
    Cricket is my religion

    Awesome Video 👏👏

  • Food DAY
    Food DAY

    So are mumbaikers gona plant trees again ?

  • Astitwa Raj
    Astitwa Raj

    Mtlb kch v

  • ratanratanmaji Maji
    ratanratanmaji Maji

    Nikhil Bhai durbin se kuch bhi maat dekho....😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😋😋😋🤗🤗🤗🤗😎😎😎😎

  • Freakish RJ
    Freakish RJ

    Love for Mumbai and Mumbiker Nikhil...!!!

  • chinmaya wagh
    chinmaya wagh

    Ummed nahi zidd honi chahiye

  • Shubham Nagapure
    Shubham Nagapure

    India number 1 INfunbar

  • Debasis Singh Vlogs
    Debasis Singh Vlogs

    Sir INfun apko invite kurta ha kua stageproformance ma

  • Rakesh kakade
    Rakesh kakade

    Bring back your old intro music ❤️

  • Somesh K.R
    Somesh K.R

    sir you were right its prononciation of ikea is(iikea) its not (ekea) because its ad just played while I was watching this video and got the right prononciation.

  • Rakesh kakade
    Rakesh kakade

    We want your intro music again

  • Ifrah khan
    Ifrah khan

    I thought you were gonna talk about the vaccum cleaner you recently bought ; it looked liked that in thumbnail. Even that was brought ZIDD se ; which your mom didn't even like a bit.😂

  • Harsh Bhandari
    Harsh Bhandari

    Bhai COVID chal raha hai, Please donate at your nearest hospital. IPhone jaisa ek donation hojaye Bhai 😍

  • Kaushik Reddy
    Kaushik Reddy

    Shaniz should start doing yoga

  • Amit Rana
    Amit Rana

    Bhai rajma chawal banwao....

  • ADI• ꪜ
    ADI• ꪜ

    "take it go"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Naughty Ladka
    Naughty Ladka

    Paise ke liye ye rota rehta he..bhagwan ne tuje sab diya he us cheez ka thank u bola kar god ko🤨

  • Thara Mariyappa
    Thara Mariyappa

    When was ur first fight, after marriage ? Too much sweet is boring.A little spice, makes the relationship, normal and healthy.Try it.😃

  • santosh thoppe
    santosh thoppe

    Tum toh tiger k baare me baat hi karte ho sirf bmw audi aur venue basss

  • Palak Vidhani
    Palak Vidhani

    Please share full cold coffee and brownie recipe ♥️

  • Slice of Life
    Slice of Life

    Bakwas as always

  • Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh

    Nikhil bhai got 2-3 grey hairs wow😂❤️


    Nice video. ✌️

  • Rajesh Chaudhary
    Rajesh Chaudhary


  • KarKi Gv
    KarKi Gv

    Khud chlane wla mja driver m kha

  • urvi vyas
    urvi vyas

    you are tooo cute nikhil ..The thing I like about you is that you are so so so real!

  • yash sharma
    yash sharma

    Poore lockdown ek bhi din ghar nahi baitha hai yeh 😂

  • Struggler Boy
    Struggler Boy

  • Struggler Boy
    Struggler Boy