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  • Shantanu Mahajan
    Shantanu Mahajan

    4:03 That 'Phiiir' was cute though 😄😄❤

  • Amit Katkar
    Amit Katkar

    Zeeshan shant hogaya abb....

  • Haryaksh patel
    Haryaksh patel

  • Jahid Alam
    Jahid Alam

    Modi ji live aye ha. 1 second later: No comments 🤣

  • Umar Quadri
    Umar Quadri

    Maummy ka ghr h mummy ka ghar bol Mom in action nikhil bhai 😎😇


    Isaan bhai tiger tiger h miss this dialog on vlogs

  • Akshay Wade
    Akshay Wade

    Bro.... Ek challenge hai.... Make a vlog in marathi conversation on whole day 😄

  • Shadow

    ek baar project khatam ho jayenge next 3-4 years main to jo rate aaj hey vo tumhe tab sahi lagenge in short abi consolidation movement hey next up again #Mumbai

  • Rohit Mehar
    Rohit Mehar

    Bhopal me 12 cr me banglow ban jata he😂

  • 11.N_74.Gaurang Shinde
    11.N_74.Gaurang Shinde

    Love from Lonavla

  • Soumen bhowmick
    Soumen bhowmick

    bhot dino baad

  • Imdad Khan
    Imdad Khan

    No comment 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Zubair Mahar
    Zubair Mahar

    Zeeshan bhai best.


    Your Mummy id very sweet and cute.

  • Vinayak Mantra - Namit suri
    Vinayak Mantra - Namit suri

    Why dont you guys live with your old mom

  • Kanchi Paramacharya
    Kanchi Paramacharya

    Proud of our pm

  • jayeshkale26

    Does anyone stopped you near lonavala for social distancing in car as only 3 people are allowed in car


    Bhai, Mumbai m Sab free abhi toh Pr main baarish as hi gayi

  • Amir shoil
    Amir shoil

    2:05 spa 😂

  • Batin Hussain
    Batin Hussain

    Modi…. No comments 😂

  • A H
    A H

    No comments on dalinder modi😂😂😂

  • harshit Deshmukh
    harshit Deshmukh

    Nikhil bro mere city aa jao 10 crore me apko 1acre main villla build karva dunga


    Where was zeeshan for so long


    Only for Zeeshan ❤️

  • Shamsh Ali
    Shamsh Ali

    wow zeeshan bhai dekh ke achha laga

  • Chiranth V Reddy
    Chiranth V Reddy

  • Chiranth V Reddy
    Chiranth V Reddy

  • the howling wolf
    the howling wolf

    why is no one talking about why he went for a long drive in this pandemic , if you wanna make vlogs then make them staying at home like Sourav Joshi

  • Team Pahadi
    Team Pahadi

    Vaccine lga li tune

  • Team Pahadi
    Team Pahadi

    Sale chutiye


    Making a bitter face after modi ji's speech BAHUT BADA B I KAAU LAGTA HAI TU 🤣🤣🤣 rather than appreciating the fact that vaccine ke prices Kam kiye hai aur free bhi ki hai gov hospital mein ! You're being a typical c r i bby kid

  • Shubham De
    Shubham De

    8:18 I haven't seen a you tuber as irresponsible as you. First of all for no reason you are roaming here and there, second thing is you don't find any requirement of wearing a mask that too when so many people are sitting together in a car. Highly condemnable!!!!

    • CRIC

      Boycott mn .

  • Zinngiam Haidhns
    Zinngiam Haidhns

    5:46 you should praise India also. Every place have its own beauty and nuance. As an influencer we expect this little effort from you! Praising Foreign beauty is ok but don't look down on India and try to show beauty of Indian Villages and various places including North East India.

  • XT gaming
    XT gaming

    Baat to batai ni

  • trev p
    trev p

    Loved the non comments. Modi is worth just that

  • trev p
    trev p

    Being from mumbai. Mumbai is very over priced. After being abroad it is much beter

  • Clash with ani
    Clash with ani

    7 crores ka ghar buy kar ne me mere 7 puste nikal jae gee 😂😂😂😂


    Maa jaisa koi nhi❤️how sweet his mom is❤️she can afford easily other person for cleaning but still she did herself , that's the beauty of the aunty ji❤️ best part of the vlog


    Views dawn ho raha hy 🥺

  • ABU


  • Vaibhav Saini
    Vaibhav Saini

    Mummy ke pass esi kya super power hai mere to bhande dhote time halat tight ho jati hai

  • Anurag Kumar
    Anurag Kumar

    Why you leave Mom Alone, I don't understand,Kaise Bete maa Ko akale chhod ke dur rah skta hai, akele rhne se mind par kya asar parta hai is age me you ever think,

  • Kaka The grate
    Kaka The grate

    Nickel bai bora math manna ... ma ji k sath app or sheniz rehlo .maji ko apne gar par bolao..

  • 1st step vlogs
    1st step vlogs

    Bhai maaji ko sath kyo nahi rakhte ho

  • mukesh mahadik
    mukesh mahadik

    Buyers market hai bhai

  • Deepak Mishra
    Deepak Mishra

    kam ki baatein aap youtubers...ko hamesha phaltu ki lagegi....

  • music apy gaming
    music apy gaming

    Apni dil ki baat kabhi nhi chhupana Apni dil ki baat kabhi nhi chhupana Aur uskey kaaaran paar na katana Uskey kaaaran paar na katana Jey sai dil ki baat chupa ker girey they Wasaihi kaat ker nya paar lanaa Wasaihi kaat ker nya paar lanaa Paar dill ki baat kabhi nhi chupanaa ( Because Life gives you two chances to recover your self 🤗🤗😊)

  • Abhishek Aggarwal
    Abhishek Aggarwal

    Bhai sab ..inki baja deti hain literally😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yoganand Shadly
    Yoganand Shadly

    0:54 People like you have 3 houses what do you think will happen?

  • Rohit Bansode
    Rohit Bansode

    Maa tho maa hai😘😘

  • Karan Kumar
    Karan Kumar

    Why no comments on modi’s speech? He has announced lot of things which are very helpful for poor. Didn’t you notice? Or you just don’t have soft corner for poors?

    • CRIC

      @THE SLAYYERS lode nikal


      chal na ave champli

  • Sandeep Bhandare
    Sandeep Bhandare

    Pehle jaise abhi majja nahi aata bhai vlog mai dekhne mai


    Haa bhaiya 12 crore tumhare alawa or bhi log reh rahe hai iss dunia main

  • LJK Gamers
    LJK Gamers

    Aunty is very nice women

  • Mohammad Anwar Qureshi
    Mohammad Anwar Qureshi

    Salaam. Watching from Saudi Arabia.

  • iam hell
    iam hell

    baal ekdom champaklal lag rahe ho. get a new style.

  • Mohammad Shahid
    Mohammad Shahid

    So among the old friends of nikhil sharma only zeeshan is left who could not understand the motive of nikhil till now. Let's see how far zeeshan will be usable to nikhil.

  • Mohammad Shahid
    Mohammad Shahid

    साला इसके हर वीडियो में एक ही बात - दिखावा ।

  • sairaj

    Malad wale kabse gharpe bulane lage bhai ye hee hota hai jab splender ka dream deko aur bmw miljaye

  • Preeti Kumar
    Preeti Kumar

    Watching Nikhils mother is like treat to our eyes

  • Pandey Amit
    Pandey Amit

    Heavy workout ke baad nahi heavy workout ke pehele warmup karte hai Galat bol diya 😁

  • Adnan Alim
    Adnan Alim

    Get Zeeshan bhai on vlogs. Such a charm and geniune person to see ❤️ Nikhil, ktm to Audi and to a yatch in future 🔥

  • Vishal Vivek Das
    Vishal Vivek Das

    Nikhil bhai mask tho phenlo !

  • Anshum & Sakshi Vlogs
    Anshum & Sakshi Vlogs

    You are an amazing person & an inspiration. Keep doing great in life🙏🏻😊❤️

  • 48 Siddhant Mahajan
    48 Siddhant Mahajan

    come to pune bro 12 crore mai bungalow aur flat bhi hojayega

  • Alvin Khan
    Alvin Khan

    Bhai Mai Apke videos pe Hamesha Itna jada Dekhta tha and sochta tha ki Aysa Kya rhta h... Jo hr video pe View but Aaj finally open kiya and pta chala Bhut Achaa laga apka new Suscriber

  • Onkar Dudwadkar
    Onkar Dudwadkar

    Ma wala part best hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anjani Bhan
    Anjani Bhan

    Nikhil's vlogs never fail to bring laughter on one's face..... ✨🌺

  • Kalpit Agarwal
    Kalpit Agarwal

    At my place you can build a good house with buying land in 12 croces.


    Nice video. ✌️

  • tejas varade
    tejas varade

    Cycle vali bat Aakhi kehna kya chahte hooo 🙄 Kabhi kabhi bohot nonsense bate karte ho bhaii🥴

  • 5windowsknowledge

    Bro mask kyun nahi pehna???????😠😠😠😠


    Maintain my house😂😂😂


    You are maintaining my house very well😂😂😂😂😂😂👍

  • raki gulia
    raki gulia

    nikhil bhai lugai ban jao chudiyan pehn lo harkatein to sari ladkiyo vali h facial vacu yeh wo

  • Andy Rahul Vlogger
    Andy Rahul Vlogger

    Nice bhsi 🔥

  • Ammar Live
    Ammar Live


  • Shahbaz khan
    Shahbaz khan

    Thak gaya tha bro shanic nikhil ko dekhte dekhte finally jeeshan aa gaya

  • Rahul Balmiki
    Rahul Balmiki

    Nikhil be like chalo lonavala touch karke ate ha😂❤

  • Vanshraj 09
    Vanshraj 09

    One question ❓ which car Zeeshan have

  • ajinkya

    3:33 ❤️ just mummy things

  • ajinkya

    aap jitne ka ghar kharido...utne me hamare yaha double area ki jamin a jaye 🤣🤣

  • saptak dey
    saptak dey

    I used to be a fan of nikhil i watchd his vlogs daily bt now a days i m skipping his vlogs .. i dnt know why i couldn't connect with him anymore .. is it only me! or happening with many of u .. 🙏

    • CRIC

      Vlog quality gone terrible . Editing gone down .


      Me too 😐

  • sunny jamwal
    sunny jamwal

    Bkws vlog

  • Praveen Sharma
    Praveen Sharma


  • Anshika Suyal
    Anshika Suyal

    _Quote : Dont believe in the promises._ _Trust the action._

  • Joel Carey
    Joel Carey

    Bacho ka kana jaldi aagaya😂😂😂laktha hai bhai ko buk lagi hai😂😂op hai bhai tu love from Andhra amir log bro app❤️❤️❤️ log

  • Ashmit Jhinjer
    Ashmit Jhinjer

    Nikhil be like to his father:- papa agar aap youtube premium ki subscription se dekh rahe ho to me kuch puchun to bata dena 😂😂😂

  • Revant Ranjan
    Revant Ranjan

    “No comments”😂😂😂

  • Amit Varsha Gauhar
    Amit Varsha Gauhar

    Uttrakhand axplor kro Nikhil bhai bahot khubsurat he or apne abhi dekha nhi he uk bhul jaoge sab 👍

  • Malovika Gogoi
    Malovika Gogoi

    Your maintaining my house very well 😂😂🤣🤣

  • kiran prasad
    kiran prasad

    Jab kharidna ho tho rate zada batate hai, aur jab bechna ho tho kam. Tho jab khareedna ho tho agent ke paas jakar bolo mujhe bechna hai kitna milega, tab kitna kaam rate bolte hai same property ka.

  • saurabh jangid
    saurabh jangid

    Nikhil bhai aap fir se apne audi ke alloys lagwa lo

  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
    Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    4:13 Moscow to Tokyo Ride ka Kya hua Nikku. Bata. 1 million subscribers hone par karne ka bol raha tha. 😁😁😁😁

  • A Chadhary
    A Chadhary

    Nikhil Bhai can't wait for a ride video plez do it soon🥺



  • Vaikunt Holla
    Vaikunt Holla

    Kitna fast bolte ho aap track karna mafi mushkila. 🙏🙏


    After long time Nikhil bro hair lukng fab

  • Mind fresh
    Mind fresh

    Nikhil bhai aap kab se 3.5 se 3.7 millions subscribers ke beach mein hi fase ho ? Kab hoga 4 million ? Next year ? Traveller vlogs apke sabse ache hain, please pandemic ke baad bnao usse.